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Magic on four paws!

We are a small kennel from a small country called Slovenia. First dog to join our family was actaully a beagle named Kan in 2012, and with it, the journey into cynological waters also began. The kennel was registered in 2015 when our first lovely Dalmatian girl joined us. Her name is Lacrima Christi Come Dance Withme or Demi. In 2016, specifically in October 2016, we were joined by a young ambitious dalmatian boy who hears on name Lacrima Christi Carousel or Fly. Our first litter was born in May 2017 and since then our story has continues …

Our Experiences
Successfully passed exams ISP-A, ISP-Bbh and PNZ with Kan
Successfully become an obedience instructor
Became FCI judge for 3 breeds in Group VI.
We competed at CRUFTS 2019

Where new adventures

The Founder / Owner

Hana Lozej

I was always passionate about animals, since i was a little girl. I grew up on a farm and there were always dogs at our house. “The family without a dog is not a family” is an ancient saying, and my family always had cats and dogs, but I find myself being more of a dog person. The our dogs were always Newfoundland breed, in Slovenia, we call them “Happiness on the leash” after a title of a popular movie with a Newfoundland dog as a main character.

They are such a great family dogs, however, I wished to own a Dalmatian or a Beagle since i was a little girl. Those two dog breeds are still my favorite ones, and in years, my wish came true, In 2012 our family welcomed a new member; courageous little Beagle with a pedigree name Kan Lipovški. After three year one of my biggest wishes came true. Our family welcomed a Dalmatian girl named Demi and since then my love for Dalmatians is growing from day to day. I registered a kennel in 2015 under the name SPIRIT OF MAGIC and first litter was born in 2017. Later that year i passed the exam and become licenced judge for three breeds in FCI group VI (Posavas, Beagle and Rhodesian Ridgeback) and obedience instructor. I do all sorts of activities with my dogs; from canicross, dog Frisbee, agility and so on. I truly am passionte about my dogs and kennel.


Health, temperament and construction  are our base points from day one. We want  to breed healthy puppies full of life and happines and joy.


We only see the best for this breed and this is what we will do. 


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Hana: +386 40 612 000
Izak: +386 40 382 835

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